Silver Mercury Removal

Even though the ADA and the Ohio State Dental Board (as well as numerous well respected studies) continue to assure the public that silver-mercury fillings are safe, many people are convinced they are not. In response to requests by patients and their medical providers, we have adopted safety protocols to remove silver-mercury fillings.

Proper Protocols

For people concerned with the risk of mercury toxicity, specifically related to the removal of existing silver mercury fillings, we recommend the below precautions. These measures are based on IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) recommendations and include the following:

  • Minimizing risk from the mercury vapor cloud
  • Temperature reduction via constant application of water
  • Bulk removal by sectioning
  • Using physical barriers to protect against direct exposure to aerosolized contaminants
  • HVE – High Volume Evacuation
  • Nitrile rubber-dam isolation
  • Surgical draping during removal
  • Controlling the breathing space using supplemental air delivery via a nasal hood

Optional Nutritional Pre- and Post-Op Protocol

These precautions are extensive and costly and add considerable time to dental procedures. For those who would like us to incorporate these protocols into their care, a surcharge is added to their bill, which is not covered by insurance.

Restoring weakened teeth happens once the old fillings have been removed. Many teeth are significantly compromised, either by cracks or by decay (which often does not show up in radiographs). We use several types of tooth-strengthening restorations to repair these weakened teeth including:

  • Composites (plastic tooth colored fillings) which are used when the original filling was quite small.
  • Conservative crowns which are long-lasting restorations used when tooth damage is more extensive. However, when a significant portion of the tooth is still healthy, inlays or inlays are used instead.
  • Crowns are used when the damage to the original tooth highly jeopardizes the long-term health of the tooth. It is used for strength and protection when the tooth needs full coverage.

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