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General Dentistry

A healthy bite or occlusion, along with optimal oral health, can drastically improve overall wellness and quality of life. Oftentimes, however, aging and/or infections over time, gradually impact our smile and well-being. When decay or disease alter a harmonious biting relationship, it impacts more than just our comfort. Secondary conditions like TMJ disorder, migraine headaches, and oral disease, strain our immune system and health.

Fortunately, our comprehensive menu of general dental services can help.

Routine Care

Preventive cleanings are recommended every six months for patients free of gum disease. These appointments allow us to intervene when infection or tooth decay risks elevate, yet, before disease occurs. Through low-radiation x-rays and detailed exams, our dentists and hygienists can identify and address concerns while early and easy to treat.


Minimally invasive white (composite) fillings provide a mercury-free alternative to traditional silver restorations. We also provide mercury safe removal procedures for patients who seek to replace old amalgam fillings with a more aesthetic and natural alternative.

Crowns and Bridges

Same day and traditional crowns offer full protection for teeth that are badly fractured or decayed. Alternatively, a custom bridge can be used to replace such a tooth, as long as there are healthy teeth on either side of the space to support the functional crowns at each end of the bridge.

Dentures and Partials

Custom made denture options provide a straightforward solution for multiple tooth replacement. From removable partials to implant supported full-mouth dentures, the dentists at Van Hala Dental Group will work with you to ensure the best results possible.

Endodontics/Root Canals

When the inside of a tooth becomes infected, the nerve tissues inside is no longer viable. Unfortunately, abscesses or infections often result, and can spread to other areas of the body. Because of an active infection, often associated with pain and swelling, it is vital that medical attention occurs. If you are concerned about root canal therapy, other options may be better for you. Schedule an appointment today, in order to discuss other possibilities.

Oral Surgery

Did you know it was possible to have certain oral surgery procedures completed at Van Hala Dental Group, instead of being referred to an off-site oral surgeon? Depending on the scope of your needs, our dentists provide surgical services including wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, and gingival grafting.

One of the most common reasons people delay their dental care is because they’re anxious about how it will feel. At the Van Hala Dental Group, our compassionate and skilled dentists are committed to ensuring your optimal comfort throughout every procedure. Book your appointment today!

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