3 Great Benefits of Dental Implants Over Dentures

dental implants at dentist's office in Hudson, Ohio and Canton, Ohio

There are many advantages of going with dentures over dental implants, affordability being one of the biggest. But for those who want the most stable, most reliable smile they can get after losing teeth, dental implants often are the best solution for them. Take a look at how dental implants, and implant-supported dentures, compare with conventional dentures.

1. Implants Are Better for Your Oral Health

One major benefit patients get with implants is that they are far better for the jawbone. This bone requires stimulation to remain durable, which it gets from the roots of teeth. Implants are a full replacement for roots, so you can retain more of the tissue and jawbone. Dentures do not stimulate the jawbone in any way, so over time, patients will begin to notice a more sunken appearance in their faces.

2. There Is a Reduced Chance of Awkward Moments

Dentures help you chew tough foods, but one problem with them is that they can move around in your mouth. There is a chance they could slip around when you try to eat or talk. Dental implants are held into place, so there is no movement whatsoever and you don’t have to worry about snapping or clicking sounds.

3. They Have a Better Long-Term Value

In general, dentures will last between five and seven years. Meanwhile, implants can last for up to 50 years if you take care of them properly. Fortunately, maintaining your implants is as easy as taking care of the rest of your teeth. Once you get your implants, you may never have to worry about getting another restoration again.

Call Us to Get Implants

Patients in Ohio who are ready to enhance their smiles should talk to our dentist about dental implants. With prompt action, you can have a more comfortable restoration that does not require bone grafting beforehand. 

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