Dental Anxiety: A Thing of the Past

Dental Anxiety: A Thing of the Past

A lot of people suffer from doctor anxiety. No matter the doctor or the procedure, people suffer from extreme nerves and become anxious when they know they have an appointment. Now, dentists use sedation dentistry to ease the nerves of their patients. Sedation dentistry is practiced by doctors to ensure an anxiety free procedure, which also helps them better preform. Sedatives used by dentists come in several different forms, so patients can have a choice dependent on the severity of their procedure. The ADA, or the American Dental Association, safeguards that a set of standards are followed when providing sedation and the training required for the administering of the drugs.

When you suffer from dental anxiety, it exists for a number of reasons. Whether you fear the procedure itself, or the atmosphere makes you nervous, sedation dentistry provides a solution to eliminating the anxiety.

One common form of anesthesia typically used by dentists is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, or more frequently referred to as laughing gas, is a type of anesthesia that is stimulated by breathing. The doctor will place a mask over your nose that flows with the nitrous oxide, and you will simply breathe it in to relax your anxiety. Nitrous oxide is heavily used by dentists because of the safety of the procedure and the calming it has on patients.

IV (Intravenous) sedation is another typical form of anesthetic. IV sedation is administered through the vein by needle, which makes for a deeper calm. IV sedation is a strong sedative, that is typically used for wisdom teeth extraction. This allows patients to relax, typically making them sleepy so they do not realize the procedure is taking place.

These anesthetics are a way to provide patients with a pleasant dental experience, without the anxiety associated. If you would benefit from sedation dentistry, contact your dental office to set up a consultation. Your dentist and their staff will be able to walk you through which sedation process will be the best for your needs, and let you know their typical procedures they go through.Schedule a consultation today in Hudson, Ohio or Canton, Ohio and enjoy your dental procedure without any worry.

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