Happier, Brighter Smile for Valentine’s Day

Dental Crown

Would you like to see your Valentine’s beautiful smile over your date? If you have a tendency to drink dark sodas or other dark drinks such as coffee or tea, or if you have minor flaws in your teeth, you may be concerned that your smile isn’t as beautiful as you had hoped. Luckily there’s a solution there. In Canton and Hudson, OH our dentist, Drs. Brent and Harry Van Hala, offers dental crowns to those who want to enhance their smiles. Doing so has many advantages. 

Less Sensitivity

Carbonized soda, dark coffees and acidic foods can wear off your teeth’s enamel, causing sensitivity to hot or cold foods, drinks or even air. They may also be more sensitive to chipped or fractured teeth. A tooth-colored crown seals any cracks and impedes further discomfort. 

Custom Crowns That Are Long-Lasting

The dental crowns are specifically created for your smile. Including taking a mold from your mouth, we also speak with you about the choices for your crown. You will be able to choose the shape, color, size and fit of your crowns so that they meet your needs in the best way. 

Even better, you have long-lasting custom crowns. The durable materials can last with proper care everywhere from 15 to 30 years. Proper care includes daily brushing and flossing, and routine examinations and cleanings. 

A Better Smile

Yes, dental crowns are preventing pain, but they also create a nicer smile. Crowns are created to match your teeth as closely as possible so it’s almost impossible to tell them that they’re not natural. Crowns fit over the tooth, making it easier to fix any discoloration or staining and also to hide crookedness, gaps, chips and cracks.

Do you want to learn if dental crowns are an option that will satisfy your teeth’s needs? Schedule an appointment online to learn more about the services provided by our dentist. Call today, and take pride in your smile! 

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