Smoking Could Lower the Dental Implant Success Rate

dental implant failure, peri-implantitis

Dental implants have grown in popularity, and it is no wonder given their high success rate which tends to hover around 95 percent. However, there is still a 5 percent chance for dental implant failure, and that number could be higher if you are a smoker and end up suffering from peri-implantitis.

What Is Peri-Implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding an implant. It can lead to bone loss and the swelling and bleeding of the gums. As the gums swell, they may also develop pus in the infected tissue. Closely monitored treatment, which may include antibiotics, might be necessary to combat the disease.

How Does Smoking Come into Play?

Smoking often makes it more difficult to identify warning signs that something is amiss. For example, the gums tend to look discolored for a person who smokes because there is decreased blood flow. Studies have long shown that smoking tends to have undesirable results when it comes to dental treatment. In addition, there have been studies that show smokers have a higher risk of developing peri-implantitis when undergoing implant procedures.

What Can You Do to Increase Your Implant Success Rate?

The good news is that you can still take action to increase the success rate of a dental implant procedure. By working with Dr. Henry Van Hala and Dr. Brent Van Hala of Van Hala Dental Group, you may be able to stop smoking long enough before your procedure to help some of the tissue heal. Ideally, you should stop smoking altogether for the best results, but definitely let the tissue heal entirely at the very least.

How Can You Learn More?

Peri-implantitis can have a devastating effect on your dental implant procedure, and it may not even show up right away. Smoking automatically puts patients at a higher risk for infection and implant failure. 

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