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are you missing teeth?

69% of adults aged 35-44 have lost one or more of their permanent teeth.

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, our advanced biologic dental implants provide a health-driven, long-term solution for a new smile. With the highest success rate of all tooth replacement options, we ensure our dental implants are a perfect match for a natural-looking, lifelong smile.

the dental implants treatment process

Under our experienced care, placing an implant is a relatively easy process. First, careful review of a patients’ medical history occurs, a 3D X-ray is taken, and a thorough examination is performed to determine whether a person is a candidate. If a person is a good candidate, then the risks and benefits associated with the procedure are discussed. If not, the site can typically be grafted in order to regrow sufficient bone so as to place an implant in the future. On the day of placement, the implant is inserted into the bone, often with the aid of a surgical guide, and then allowed to heal for a period of 1 to 3 months until stable. Throughout the healing process, the body heals and the implant becomes fully integrated, or fused, into the bone. Once an implant has integrated, the final restoration (dental crown) or removable prosthesis (denture) is placed on top of the implant.

types of implants we offer
  • Single Tooth
  • Full Arch
  • Ceramic (Biologic/Metal-free)
  • Titanium
  • Mini-implants
  • Implant-supported Dentures/Bridges
  • Overdentures
lasting benefits of dental implants
  • Longest lasting tooth replacement solution
  • Enables confident speech
  • No impact to surrounding teeth
  • Preserves existing jaw bone
  • Easy to clean, strong, stable, like natural teeth
  • Improve appearance and speech
  • Strong and stable
  • No more slurred speech or limited food choices.

surgical planning/guides

By utilizing advanced technology, such as guided implant placement, we can place an implant in the most precise location, enabling “flawless,” minimally invasive, and almost entirely painless procedures that achieve safe, specific, and predictable outcomes. With this skillful placement, restorations appear natural alongside existing teeth and the dental implants as a whole are significantly more likely to last for the long-term!

3D Teeth graphic
platelet rich fibrin therapy

Our patients can experience a natural healing boost after implant surgery with the advanced technology of Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy (L-PRF™). It’s as painless as a routine blood test and 100% natural. Using a small sample of your blood, L-PRF™ bioactive clots are formed by separating and concentrating your platelets and helpful proteins. Much like a natural “band-aid”, these powerful L-PRF™ clots are then placed on your surgery site to boost the natural healing process.

extractions/ surgical extractions

In cases of extreme decay, disease, or trauma, a tooth extraction may be necessary to preserve oral health. With modern techniques and tools, extractions are simple procedures. Restorative options such as partial dentures or dental implants can be used to replace extracted teeth.

Failing Dental Implant Correction

It's possible to experience late-stage dental implant failure from improper placement or inadequate post-op healing, from past implant specialists. Signs of a complication related to late-stage dental implant failure include:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Gum inflammation
  • Gum recession
  • Increased swelling
  • Loosening of an implant or a replaced tooth
  • Severe pain or discomfort

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms related to a dental implant, schedule a consultation with our experienced team to help restore your smile and regain your oral health.

grafting/ sinus lifts

what is bone grafting?

Teeth play an important role in maintaining the health and volume of the jawbone. When teeth are lost, the bone begins a resorption process, shrinking in height and width. Often extensive bone loss can result in the impossibility of an implant being placed without a bone graft, along with the loss of natural facial contours and structure. Traditionally, bone grafting required taking bone from the patient, such as the hip or another part of the jaw. However, today, donor bone is harvested and processed to produce a material that is safe, economic, and comfortable. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that requires a healing period while the existing bone and graft integrate. We are experienced and skilled in this procedure, leveraging the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials, and offer bone grafting to preserve the integrity of the jawbone and pave the way for dental implants.

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benefits of bone grafting
  • Broaden restorative options
  • Rebuild the natural jaw line
  • Preserve facial structure
  • Retain proper bite occlusion
  • Slow bone resorption process

bone grafting for dental implants

Most commonly, bone grafting occurs to create a strong foundation for dental implants. As the only permanent replacement for missing teeth, dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement option for many people. If extensive tooth loss has made the jaw bone too weak and thin, bone grafting rebuilds the proper volume of bone back into the jaw to ensure long-term dental implant stability. All procedures related to grafting and dental implants can be completed in one of our offices. If you are looking to replace your missing teeth with permanent implants, but lack sufficient bone in your jaw, schedule a consultation with us. We have the expertise to provide treatment that can secure your candidacy for dental implants, helping restore health and function to your smile!

our bone grafting procedures

bone grafting

Bone loss as a result of missing teeth needs to be rebuilt in order to support a dental implant. A bone grafting procedure takes bone from a donor source and places it in areas where the natural jawbone has resorbed. By regenerating new bone from the graft, proper density and strength is rebuilt to accommodate one or more implants, along with restoring the natural contours of the face.

sinus lift

Bone loss that occurs in the upper back portion of the jaw can lead to an enlargement of the sinus cavity. As bone resorbs and this cavity sinks, the height and density of the bone is no longer able to support a dental implant. During a sinus lift, bone material is placed beneath the sinus cavity, pushing upwards so that proper bone height and density can be reestablished beneath.

ridge augmentation

Missing or extracted teeth leave an empty socket that, if not preserved at the time, will deteriorate. This deterioration will lead to a weakened and uneven jaw ridge that is not strong enough to support dental implants. A ridge augmentation recreates the natural contours of the jaw bone, including the original width and height of the ridge, or fills the empty socket immediately after extraction.

ceramic implants

biologic tooth replacement

The gold standard in both single and multiple tooth replacement today is the titanium root-form implant. Within the field of dental implantology, there is a new class of products—in development for about the last fifteen years—that utilize ceramic-based materials as an alternative to metal. For patients looking for a metal free option or those who have an allergy to titanium, ceramic dental implants are an excellent treatment option. In addition to these benefits, ceramic implants provide the same longevity and durability as traditional dental implants, helping you restore complete health, function, and aesthetics to your smile!


Metal-free ceramic dental implants do not cause allergies or sensitivities and patients experience better healing because they are a tissue-friendly material.


Ceramic dental implants are made from exceptionally high-strength, bio-compatible zirconium oxide, which can withstand the pressure exerted when eating.


Ceramic dental implants are naturally a shade of white, providing a great aesthetic solution to tooth replacement, with none of the disadvantages of titanium.

full arch/ all-on-4

Permanently Replace all your missing teeth

Full arch dental implants are one of the most revolutionary protocols in all of dentistry. We offer this solution to patients with full sets of failing or missing teeth to restore them to a life of confidence, comfort, and function. Full arch dental implants replace all teeth in an arch with four or more dental implants surgically placed into the jaw and restored with a full arch prosthesis. This enables patients to return to eating the foods they love, confidence in their smile, and an overall transformation in their quality of life. The decision to choose full arch dental implants to replace missing teeth is one of the best you can make for your oral health, dental function, and the beauty of your smile. We routinely place full arch dental implants using Chrome™ guided technology and are skilled in all procedures involved with restoring a full set of teeth. To provide our patients with exceptional experiences, we provide only the highest quality care, with state-of-the-art technologies, and sedation, all in an atmosphere that helps you feel comfortable in our care and confidence in our expertise.

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benefits of full arch dental implants
  • Feel confident and attractive in your smile!
  • Secured teeth that look and feel natural
  • Comfortably eat all the foods you love
  • Retain a youthful facial appearance
  • No unsightly jawbone loss

implant supported dentures/partials

the denture-dental implant hybrid

Did you know that there is an alternative missing teeth replacement for dentures? Implant supported dentures are a radical upgrade for patients struggling with dentures. As any dentist, or any denture wearer will explain, dentures are a suitable solution for missing teeth, but they are a poor substitute when compared to actual teeth. The most economical, long-term solution for people struggling with their denture are implant supported dentures. This hybrid of dentures and dental implants provides all the natural aesthetics of modern prosthetics with the stability and health benefits of dental implants. Implant supported dentures improve not only your ability to eat a wider variety of foods, but stabilizes your denture or prosthesis so you no longer need to use pastes and adhesives or worry about your dentures falling out. Over the long-term, implant supported dentures provide the health and function you need to enjoy a confident and healthy life!

How Do Implant Supported Dentures Work?

If you have missing teeth, but adequate bone in your jaw, we can place two or more dental implants onto your denture or a new prosthesis is attached. Implant supported dentures can either be fixed in place or removable for cleaning, depending on your needs and preferences, but are always snapped securely to the dental implants when in use. You can expect implant supported dentures to improve your ability to speak clearly, allow you to taste and eat more of the foods you love, and feel more confident smiling and interacting with others.

benefits of implant supported dentures

Thanks to dental implants, implant supported dentures provide many benefits that traditional dentures simply cannot. Whereas dentures rest on the gumline, implant supported dentures are placed in the jawbone, drawing from it its strength and support just as natural teeth do. This is vital to both preserving the integrity and volume of the jawbone and creating the strength and stability needed for proper biting and chewing

stronger fit

Implants prevent slippage and hold dentures securely in place.

stop bone loss

Implants prevent continued bone loss from denture use and help maintain your natural facial structure.

less pain

Implants eliminate painful sore spots caused by denture pressure points.

speak clearly

Implants secure dentures allowing you to naturally pronounce words.

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