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In order to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients, we have gained experience in a wide range of general dentistry and preventive dentistry services. These all-encompassing services provide all the advantages of corporate dentistry, without the cold, clinical feel of these practices. Here, you will find our personalized, whole-health services and the comprehensive care we provide come only after we have taken the time to know you and develop a customized plan to achieve your optimal oral health. This personalized general dentistry care from our friendly and welcoming team is designed to help you feel like part of our dental family.

Helping Patients Achieve Great Oral Health

Our primary focus is on health and wellness and the prevention of disease—an approach that focuses on whole-body health and the importance of maintaining great oral health for the benefit of your whole body. Preventive dentistry is a proactive approach to your oral health care that is aimed at keeping disease away instead of treating it after being diagnosed. Our preventive care includes routine x-rays, examinations, hygiene cleanings, and screenings. Maintaining the health of your smile through our biologic and conservative preventive and general dentistry services is the best way to ensure your overall health is on track. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our office to learn more about our unique approach to dentistry and how we can help you achieve great oral health!

Our Top General Dentistry Services

Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored alternatives to amalgam fillings for cavity treatment. Composite fillings can be used to replace portions of teeth after the removal of silver mercury fillings.

Root canals remove bacteria that has infected and damaged the interior pulp of a tooth. The tooth is filled with gutta-percha, sealed, and capped with a dental crown to restore strength and aesthetics.

Teeth that do not come together properly interfere with proper biting and increase the risk for grinding and clenching or TMJ disorder. Occlusal adjustments reshape the surfaces of teeth to create a harmonious bite.

Oral pathologies examine the interior soft tissue of the mouth, including the tongue. These exams check for abnormalities in color or texture as well as any suspicious areas or lesions.

Teeth grinding and clenching damages teeth, stresses the jaw muscles, and can cause pain and soreness. Custom mouthguards help keep the teeth from touching during sleep or throughout the day so muscles and joints can relax.

Inlays and onlays restore teeth that have damage that requires more than a filling, but not an entire dental crown. Often, inlays or onlays are used to replace silver mercury fillings after they have been safely removed.

In cases of extreme decay, disease, or trauma, a tooth extraction may be necessary to preserve oral health. With modern techniques and tools, extractions are simple procedures. Restorative options such as partial dentures or dental implants can be used to replace extracted teeth.

Dentures provide a necessary improvement in both oral function and smile aesthetics for edentulous patients or those with a failing dentition. Modern dentures are made from natural-looking materials and customized to fit accurately.

Patient-Centered Care

We center our care around YOU. This means we listen closely to your smile goals, provide thorough evaluations to determine your oral health needs, and make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and cared for by our experienced team.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

In almost all cases, our experienced dentists are able to provide comprehensive treatment options to meet your oral health needs and smile goals. You will be able to choose the option that best fits your budget, time, and desires for your smile.

Whole-Body Biologic Dentistry

Because we know that oral health affects overall health, we concern ourselves with providing the most natural and conservative dentistry possible. This means taking into consideration the tools and materials that we use during your treatment.

Seek the personalized care of our team today!