Laser Dentistry - The Van Hala Dental Group

Elevating Patient Experiences with Minimally Invasive Technology

Why Choose Laser Dentistry?

We choose to incorporate many dental technologies into our North Canton, and Hudson, OH, offices and one of our most advantageous is our BIOLASE® Waterlase dental lasers.

Laser dentistry provides us with the opportunity to ensure minimally invasive and virtually pain-free experiences for our patients, while improving the clinical outcomes of their procedures through precise, targeted treatment.

Our laser dentistry services cover a range of oral conditions, including gum disease and cavities, all with the goal to minimize discomfort, pain, and lengthy recovery times. Unlike conventional treatment with scalpels or drills, laser dentistry has paved the way for substantially improving patient experiences that have helped many receive the dental care they need to maintain healthy, functioning smiles. We are equipped and trained in many soft tissue procedures with our Waterlase dental laser and proudly offer this minimally invasive alternative for our patients.
  • Biolase 480 Minimally Invasive Technology video

The Many Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Thanks to laser dentistry, patients who are anxious about undergoing treatment can benefit from our comfortable and efficient procedures with dental lasers. Perhaps the biggest draw for our patients is our ability to eliminate the need for scalpels, dental drills, and even sedation for most cases. Due to the gentle and quiet nature of dental lasers, our laser dentistry procedures are not accompanied by loud noises or vibrations and patients commonly only feel a warm sensation from the laser light during their appointment. Often in as little as one appointment, we can treat your oral condition and restore health to your smile comfortably and safely! Our comprehensive laser dentistry services include:

Gum disease is a progressive condition that affects the gums, teeth, and bone, causing irreversible damage if left untreated. Dental lasers used for gum disease treatment eradicate bacteria in the pockets around tooth roots and clear away plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of the teeth. The laser also cauterizes the area, minimizes bleeding and swelling during and after treatment, and accelerates healing time.

Excessive gum tissue covering over the front surface of teeth leads to a disproportionate tooth-to-gum ratio. Most commonly known as a “gummy” smile, this overgrowth of gum tissue can cause aesthetic and functional issues. A laser gingivectomy removes and recontours gums around the tooth crown to re-proportion the smile line or improve the health of the gums by reducing periodontal pocket depth.

The frenulum is a small fold of soft tissue that restricts the movement of the upper lip and the tongue. Sometimes, the frenulum is too restrictive, causing pain, tongue-tie and lip-tie, or a gap between the two front teeth. A laser frenectomy (for patients 6 years and older) uses the cauterizing power of a dental laser to gently vaporize the unwanted tissue to restore proper movement for the upper lip and tongue.

Cavities on primary teeth are just as important to treat as those on adult teeth. Using a dental laser to remove caries eliminates the need for loud, vibrating dental drills. By only targeting the source of decay, dental lasers help preserve natural tooth tissue, while providing quicker and virtually painless treatment. After caries removal, the dental laser is also used to sterilize the tooth before the filling is added.

We’re here to improve your smile with minimally invasive laser dentistry!